Training Resources

This page is a collection of links and files to help you with your running.

Haven 5K / 10K Group

Week 1 Presentation: Haven 5K

Week 2 Presentation: Haven 5k and 10 K group Session 2

Week 3 Presentation Haven 5k and 10K Group Session 3

Week 3 Worksheet Haven Training Plan Outline

Week 4 Presentation Haven 5k and 10K group session 4

Week 5 Presentation Haven 5k and 10K group Session 5

Week 6 Presentation Haven 5k and 10k Group Session 6

Week 7 Presentation Haven 5K and 10k group Session 7

C25K Presentation for GRU ProClub

PowerPoint:  Running workshop GRU 1

YouTube Link:

Track Workouts: Download this file for examples of some track sessions.

Track sessions DC

Race Director Workshop Files: Are you a race director wanting to put on a quality road race? These files are the materials we use for the Race Director Workshop. The info in these files will get you started but please also attend a workshop to get the full content and value of discussing topics with other race directors.


2014 Runner Survey Results

Race Director Workshop 2015 final

RRCA Safe Race Guidelines: 

Rainbow Racing Guide for Race Directors with checklist:

HalfMile Timing Guide for putting on a road race (1)

Helpful Links:

USATF Age Graded Calculator: Have you ever wondered how you campare to runners younger or older than yourself? The Age graded calculator gives you a score based on your age and the time you can run for a specific distance.

100% = Approximate World Record Level
Over 90% = World Class
Over 80% = National Class
Over 70% = Regional Class
Over 60% = Local Class

McMillan Running Calculator: This tool gives you two thinngs. First it will tell you equivalent times for various distances. You can project what you will likely run for a 10K based on your recent 5K best. Second, based on current race times and goal times, it will recommend training paces for you. I like it as a tool and I think it is pretty accurate.

Race Time Calculator from Runner’s World: Input a recent race time and this calculator will predict what you can run for other common race distances. Similar function to the McMillan calculator but slightly different system.

Pace Calculator: What should your mile splits and pace be to run your goal time? Let this widget do the math for you!

Race Listings and Registration: has lots of race listings and many races use it as a registration tool for online registration.

Local Race Timing and Results – Start2Finish:  (Gainesville FL) Lots of results for local races.

Local Race Timing and Results- Half Mile Timing:  (Gainesville FL) Lots of local and regional events for Track and Field, Cross Country and road races. High school events, college events and open races.

Race Results from all over: Athlinks has the largest database of race results in the world. Want to check out a competitor to see what they’ve run in the past? Want to see the last several year’s of results for a specific race? Also, you can create a profile and collect your own results in a nice, neat format.



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