Dan’s Top 10 Undeniable Truths of Running

Truth #5
Truth #5

10.  If the official race website describes the course as having “gently rolling hills” the course is mountainous.

9.  As your desperation for a bathroom rises, the quality of available bathrooms declines.

8.  Everyone ran a 4:30 mile in high school. Some of you will get this; others of you need to read the book.

7.  The guy that is “just going to tempo” the race is a liar. He actually is gunning for you!

6.  If you did all the stretches and exercises Runner’s World recommends for runners, you’d never have time to go running.

5.  The better the shoes feel, the uglier / more obnoxious the design and colors.

4.  The runner who always gives out unsolicited training advice is the LAST person you should listen to.

3.  The more expensive your running socks are, the more likely they will disappear in the washer.

2.  The most frequently injured runner seems to know all the best ways to avoid / cure injuries.

And the #1 Undeniable Truth of Running: The best training for running is RUNNING. Not swimming, …. not biking, not yoga…..


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