Local Runner Profile- Jeremy Criscione

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Jeremy Criscione Jeremy Criscione

Average Mileage: 80 – 100 (up to half marathon) 90-130 (marathon)

Typical Week: I follow a 9 day cycle, so workouts and long runs can fall on different days of the week depending on where I am in that cycle. A typical cycle looks like the following:

*Second easy run 1-4 times per week depending on mileage needs. Strides 1-2 times per week.

Day 1 – Speed or shorter tempo (Pace depends on goal race) – Example: 8 x 1k, 5 x mile

Day 2 – Distance

Day 3 – Distance

Day 4 – Longer Tempo – 3 x 3 mile, 5 x 2 mile, 8 – 12 mile progression or sustained

Day 5 – Distance

Day 6 – Distance

Day 7 – Long Run – 18-24 miles – Might be sustained pace of aprox. 6 min/mile or 4 mile pickups on both ends of the run


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