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Local Runner Profile- Jeremy Criscione

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Jeremy Criscione Jeremy Criscione

Average Mileage: 80 – 100 (up to half marathon) 90-130 (marathon)

Typical Week: I follow a 9 day cycle, so workouts and long runs can fall on different days of the week depending on where I am in that cycle. A typical cycle looks like the following:

*Second easy run 1-4 times per week depending on mileage needs. Strides 1-2 times per week.

Day 1 – Speed or shorter tempo (Pace depends on goal race) – Example: 8 x 1k, 5 x mile

Day 2 – Distance

Day 3 – Distance

Day 4 – Longer Tempo – 3 x 3 mile, 5 x 2 mile, 8 – 12 mile progression or sustained

Day 5 – Distance

Day 6 – Distance

Day 7 – Long Run – 18-24 miles – Might be sustained pace of aprox. 6 min/mile or 4 mile pickups on both ends of the run


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A Confession and 3 Race Reviews

Lloyd Clarke Sports

Back in early January I took the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) coaching class to become a certified RRCA coach. I learned a lot and got to meet many runners who are inspired to help others in our sport. The class, based in large part on Dr. Jack Daniels’ work, is very solid and takes into account years of scientific study about the sport along with a large dose of common sense learned from working with athletes. Still, runners are quirky people so the coaching challenges are always interesting. Some of the test questions were pretty funny but actually quite realistic if you know runners! So with that backdrop, I posted a sample test question in the facebook group for the class. Here is the question and the responses I received in the facebook comments:

So coaches- You have an athlete who has been training for a marathon. He…

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