Bulletproof Ways to Prevent Running Injury- from Jason Fitzgerald

Lloyd Clarke Sports

This is a great article about running injury free that I saw because Patrick Gallagher posted it on facebook. As with any great running article, I have to add a little bit to it! So read the article, read my comments and then add your own best ideas for preventing injury! Your legs will thank you.



I am about 95% in agreement with the author’s reccomendations.

While I agree with the weight training comments in general, I also think that many runners can do body weight exercise and accomplish the same goals. The squats and dead lifts might work for some but many of us could do lunges, body weight squats, single leg squats and some drills. I will do some weight machines and weighted squats for about 6 weeks during a low mileage phase of rest during the summer.

Respecting the recovery process and searching for variety…

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