5 Workouts You Should Learn to Love

Lloyd Clarke Sports

Fartlek Fun

There are many variations on the theme but the point is to throw in 5-8 surges during a regular training run to work on your anaerobic threshold. I like to do 6 surges of 5:00 each with about 3:00 to 4:00 of regular training run pace in between. The keys are:

  1. Run the surges at a target effort for 10K or 15K race pace.
  2. Keep the running in between the surges at a solid training run pace.
  3. Don’t take more than 5:00 “rest” between surges.
  4. The surges should be at least 3:00.

This kind of run can be done on a regular training run and adjusted easily to your fitness level and goals. Love it because it will increase your endurance and give you confidence that you can shift gears to go faster when you want to. Love it because it is fun to say, “FARTLEK!”

Cut-Down Run

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