Two More Shoe Reviews: Trail Workhorse and Road Workhorse

Here are two more quick reviews of shoes in my arsenal. Who is running the Cross Country race at The Rock trails tomorrow?

Brooks Pure Flow

The Brooks Pure Project is one of the best examples of the new “almost minimalist” style being talked about in every running publication. The Flow is neutral, has a 4 mm drop and split outsole feature to let your big toe flex independently. The Pure Flow has plenty of cushioning for a road shoe and has a nice stable feel to it. It’s a good every-day mileage type of workhorse. I’ve had a pair of the Flow I and the Flow II. I actually liked the upper on the first version better but the change to the upper wasn’t enough to scare me off. Much has been said about the split toe design but I can barely tell the difference running in it. Cushioned, neutral, high mileage shoe!

Innov8 Terrafly Trail

Inov8 trail

I bought these because I had a 50K trail race coming up and none of my trail shoes had what I wanted for a 31 mile run. The Terrafly is fairly light at 9.1 oz, has enough cushioning that running on pavement is comfortable and the outsole is stiff enough to offer protection from rocks and roots. I only did a few training runs in them before the Sweet H2O 50K in Georgia but I did get two runs of over 20 miles in them and they worked great. I couldn’t have been happier with them at the race. We were on mountains, through creeks and over very tough terrain and I had no foot soreness or blisters after the race. My hamstrings and quads…..NEVER have they hurt so bad! I still use these for trail runs at San Felasco regularly and I’d bet on these to last at least 500 miles for me.

Sweet H2O

Jim Burgasser, Me and Steve Wilcox at the Sweet H2O 50K in Lithia Georgia.


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