Minimal Race Requirements

Minimal Race requirements:

Course Measurement & markings

  • Accurate total distance for race
  • Accurate mile markers on course- Make it obvious.      Use a colorful sign, line on the road etc.
  • Clear marking on ground at every turn- flour      arrows, spray paint, signs, flagging tape, cones, etc.
  • Confidence markers at a minimum of every 100      meters
  • Volunteers present at major turns
  • Appropriate traffic control (Police or      volunteers)
  • Avoid turns for the first 100-200 meters and the      last 100-200 meters
  • Manage the finish chute- Don’t let it back up and      have a long enough chute for the fastest runner not the average runner

Complete course safety checks

  • Appropriate course maintenance completed before      start of race
  • Cutting low-lying limbs
  • Removing debris along running route
  • Flag potentially hazardous spots- roots, uneven      pavement
  • Completing one ‘run through’ of the course before      the actual race


  • Accurate times (rounded to nearest second for      hand timing or nearest 1/10 of a second for automatic/ chip timing) logged      for every runner- may use chip timing, pull-tags and computer or hand      timing (for small events).
  • Results including times for each runner and age      groups posted online within 24 hours
Chip timing is how you get results up in a timley manner!
Chip timing is how you get results up in a timley manner!

Water stops

  • One water stop approximately every 2 miles
  • No ice
  • Paper cups
  • Adequate volunteers to hand out water
  • Gatorade available for      races over 6 miles
  • Clearly identify Gatorade stops separately from      water stops

Other organizational requirements

  • Punctual Race Start
  • Available bathrooms- at least 1 “seat“ per 100      runners
  • Minimal recognition / ribbons for 5 yr age group      awards (9&Under, 10-14,15-19,20-24 etc)
  • Have a medical plan in place and some level of      medical staff on site: Doctor, nurse, EMT, or other trained first      responder

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