Speed Workshop Notes

Here are the hand out sheets from the Speed Workshop:

Top Secret Speed


Coach Dan’s story:

First race in 1979. Many Coaches, hundreds of races, read dozens of books, talked to lot’s of runners, and I’m still learning.


What I mean by coaching yourself:

Gather advice from various sources and apply them to YOUR life and goals. Recruit friends to hold you accountable and encourage you. My coach is Joe Burgasser. I also have a group of running friends who periodically review my training and offer advice. Ultimately, I pull the advice from all sources and make it work for me.


Why Speed is important:

  • Form- Improves running form
  • Frame of Mind- If your top speed is faster, your 5K pace feels easier
  • Fun! We all know it’s more fun to run fast
  • Physics and Physiology-
    • Principal of specificity- range of motion: bicep curl example
    • Fast twitch / slow twitch muscle fibers
    • Aerobic / Anaerobic : Working on Anaerobic today

When to work speed into your schedule: (Can’t cover phases of training in full but come  Aug 27th for the full plan)

  • Base Phase- Full sets of drills and strides 2-3 time per week
  • Preseason / in Season- Smaller sets of drills 2 time per week
  • Race Phase-  Smaller sets of drills 1 or 2 times per week

How much?

  • Less than 5% of your total mileage should be drills and strides. Start at 2% and build up.
  • For example, a runner doing 40 miles per week and adding 3 times a week of drills and strides:
    • High Knees (100 M) + Butt Kicks (100 M) + High Knee Skips (100 M) + HK Strides (100 M) + BK Strides (100M) = 500 M
    • 500M X 3 days= 1500 M or almost one mile = 2.3% of total mileage
    • This is just a basic guideline to get you started. You might want to do a bit over or under the 5% mark depending on your other training. The idea is that the Speed Drill portion of your weekly running is rather small.

Form Notes

  • 180 steps per minute- A guideline, not an exact #.
  • Heel Float, knee drive- Why?
  • Center of gravity
  • Test your range of motion- prevent injury, help when returning from an injury


What to do- Always use forward motion!

  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks
  • High Knee Skips
  • Hops / jumps
  • Lunges – short and long
  • HK Strides / BK Strides
  • Sprints, 100s, 200s, 300s



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